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YGC supports ICE North Wales Graduates Student Technicians

Here is a picture of Bethany, Alicia and Alfie

Congratulations to the new Chair of ‘ICE North Wales Graduates Student Technicians’ which is Bethany Griffiths. Beth now works as an Assistant Engineer with us, and has been elected as a member of the ICE Council since 2022. In addition she is the first girl as Chair of the ICE!

Here is what she had to say “I have been an active member of the ICE North Wales Students, Graduates and Technicians Committee since 2018. Throughout my time on the committee, I have fulfilled the roles of secretary and vice-chair. I now sit as the Chairman, and I hope to leave an impact. My aim is to deliver successful events, workshops and visits to schools and colleges to represent the ICE and help individuals.

Whether that’s promoting Civil Engineering to young students to spark interest within the industry to build their future around, or to help individuals with their professional qualification journey.

The committee has helped me gain a professional Eng.Tech Qualification and I hope to submit my I. Eng application after completing University, I hope to help others along the way. I look forward to this year as chair, as workshops and school visits have already started, an exciting event is being planned and we hope to visit One Great George Street, London as a committee! I am grateful to be in this position, with the help of the wonderful people in the committee around me.”

Llongyfarchiadau i Alicia Roberts Allsup sy’n aelod diweddaraf o ‘ICE North Wales Graduates Student Technicians’ fel Ysgrifennydd newydd. Mae Alicia yn gweithio fel Peiriannydd Cynorthwyol o fewn y tîm Cyflawni Prosiectau. Mae hi’n ymwneud â dylunio a gweithredu gwaith gwella draenio priffyrdd a chynlluniau meysydd parcio, yn ogystal â gwaith dylunio ar gynlluniau Teithio Llesol.

Here is what she had to say “Having joined the GSAT Committee this year, I was given the opportunity to be the Secretary. I am looking forward to develop within the committee and to work with the members. Additionally, I am proud to be working alongside a female Chair and Vice Chair, hopefully increasing the visibility of Women in Engineering.

I am currently in my final year of a part-time Masters Degree in Civil Engineering with the next step being a CEng submission. Being part of the Committee is a big help in able to gain and share ideas with other aspiring engineers

Congratulations to a new member of the committee, Alfie Waiting. Alfie works with YGC as a Project Engineer within the Project Delivery team. Alfie has more than 7 years of experience working in the Civil Engineering industry starting as a Permanent Engineer on the Railway and completing an HNC in Civil Engineering.

Here is what he had to say “It’s a pleasure to be a part of the GSAT Committee and to attend ICE events. My aim is to submit my EngTech application before the end of the year and hope to have my review in early 2024. Being part of the Committee is a big help in able to gain and share ideas with other aspiring engineers”