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A494 Llanycil – Retaining wall and smart anchors

Embankment Stabilisation llanycil
Llanycil retaining Wall
llanycil road erosion
When a highway embankment slope adjacent to Lake Bala in North Wales continued to suffer stability problems, even after repeated repairs. YGC, Alun Griffiths (Contractors) and Diwydag, were engaged by Welsh Government to design a solution.
The innovative solution was to install a reinforced concrete ‘king post type’ retaining wall, supported by 36 ground anchors, 12 of which were smart anchors – the use of which is the first in the UK.
By using this innovative method, engineering resources can thus be focussed to where they will have the greatest impact through preventative maintenance and predictive technology.  This encourages safety by reducing time spent on site by engineering staff and transport workers.
Using a unique force measurement sensor, the load on the smart anchors can be monitored remotely with real time data being transmitted to a cloud – based system, thus permitting continuous surveillance of the asset’s performance.
The data can be used to verify design predictions, improve modelling quality and provide insights for more tailored design solutions.   
This initiative by continually monitoring the anchors remotely reduces disruption caused by traffic management, and offers improved safety for all transport users, including pedestrians, and cyclists.
Further information about the project can be see in this video produced by Diwydag – Smart Anchors.
Alun Griffiths Community page including site photos: