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Two vacancy Advertisement

YGC Civil Engineering Apprentice (Building and Infrastructure) (2 Years) – Ref: 19-077

YGC Civil Engineering Apprentice (Water and Environment) (2 Years) – Ref: 19-076


Choose your future! 

If you are looking for the perfect opportunity to develop a career as a civil engineer, following an apprenticeship can be the next step for you.

These apprenticeships are designed for learners in employment in the construction industry
and environment.

If you want to be in a design, site supervision or civil engineering role and want to gain nationally recognized qualifications, this apprenticeship is for you!

The apprenticeship provides a good foundation for learning about the field. In addition to this, the program provides the tools that enable apprentices to be ahead of the game in a rapidly changing subject area.

We are looking for individuals with a clear interest in the field, who can communicate with confidence, work as part of a team, and demonstrate their potential to succeed as an apprentice. An apprenticeship is just the start of the journey – completing this apprenticeship can lead to a number of exciting routes and unique opportunities for you to become a successful civil engineer.

Don’t miss this opportunity – apply now!

Remember to follow the guidelines to complete the application form which are included in the Apprenticeship Information Pack.
For more information – https://www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/apprenticeships