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Rising to the challenge…

We have a dedicated team of engineers to deal with the ever-increasing threat of flooding due to predicted rise in sea levels and rainfall intensity associated with climate change.

One of the key responsibilities of the team is to undertake flood risk management.

Flood Risk Management can take many forms ranging from building flood defences to building resilience through raising public awareness.

Through good public engagement and collaboration with other risk management authorities, YGC aims to manage the risk of flooding in communities across the region. This includes carrying out the role of / operating as Lead Local Flood Authority on behalf of Gwynedd & Anglesey Councils.



Services provided for the Water and Coastal sector include:

Surface Water Drainage Design


Hydraulic Assessment Of Structures


Hydrology Assessment


Flood Risk and Drainage Planning Advice


Watershed Analysis


Flood Modelling



Highway Drainage Design


Coastal Surveys

Asset Inspections

Harbour Dredging Strategy


Flood Risk Activity Permit Advice


T98 Inspections

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