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Thank you from Huw Williams

Huw has been with the Council for 40 years, starting his career with Gwynedd County Council in 1982. Before he leaves for the last time, Huw has reminisced about his time with YGC staff.

I started my career with Gwynedd County Council in 1982, after working for Howard Humphries & Partners on the A4042 Pontypool to New Inn Bypass and on the A48 Llanddarog to Cross Hands Bypass. A challenging start to a career but a very happy period. The experience of becoming a Chartered Engineer by 1988, winning the Patterson Award and becoming a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) motivated me to put time and effort into training staff so that everyone has the opportunity to gain professional accreditation, I am proud of the fact that no one from YGC has failed since 1998. I must also mention Bob Diamond as County Surveyor and my professional mentor until 2002. I remember him as an outstanding passionate civil engineer who wanted to do the right thing. I am very grateful to him and his influence.
YGC was established as part of a reorganisation of Local Government back in 1996, YGC and my role as head started the same year with less than 40 members of staff. The only two goals at that time were to be the consultancy of choice for clients and to grow to be one of the most successful in North Wales. Over time we have succeeded in being a progressive, successful Consultancy with a solid future.
Staff are the strength and soul of YGC. One of the highlights of my career is the pleasure of growing YGC and employing local staff in skilled jobs that enable them and their families to stay in their community, which in turn supports the local economy.
We as a department have had the great pleasure of collaborating with you as clients, partners, contractors and consultants, using all our skills as a team, and have not been afraid to expand our vision to meet the requirements of new areas of work e.g. climate change and the impact on communities. There is a healthy culture here within YGC and the ability to work together is a positive basis for the future.
For me the time has flown by, and I am very proud of our success and our ability to win several awards. So to conclude, thank you for your friendship, by working together on a work level and also on a personal level.
Now, the challenge of the future is with Steff as Head with the support from his experienced management team, they and all the YGC staff look forward to working together with you so that everyone can succeed and go from strength to strength.
Kindest regards, Huw