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£4.4 million project to improve Aberdyfi quay gets green light

The scheme – which is funded jointly by the Welsh Government’s Coastal Risk Management Programme and Gwynedd Council’s Asset Management Plan – will renew the quay wall, which has deteriorated over time.
The work will include renewing the existing wall, resurfacing and improving access to and from the water for all users. It is set to start during the first week of September and due to be completed in April 2023.
Cllr Berwyn Jones, Gwynedd Cabinet Member for Gwynedd Consultancy Service said: “The wharf is crucial to a wide range of harbour activities which contribute significantly to the local economy of Aberdyfi. “Gwynedd Council has been monitoring the situation carefully over the years and despite putting measures in place to reduce the rate of corrosion, the time has now come for the quay wall to be renewed completely. “I look forward to seeing the work completed and am confident it will bring a boost to the local community at Aberdyfi.”
Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change, Julie James added: “As we address the climate emergency, I am pleased to be providing Gwynedd Council with 85 per cent of the funding for these works through our Coastal Risk Management Programme. “Coastal communities must adapt to rising sea levels and this scheme will help do just that, by improving the flood and coastal erosion protection to 20 properties in Aberdyfi.
“The works will also provide wider benefits by protecting the wharf, which I know is of critical importance to the local economy.”
During the construction period there will be a need to restrict access to the wharf and adjacent areas, including some of the adjacent car park. Access will be clearly marked on site.